Closing Dental Implant Cases

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First Step: Creating an Airtight Strategy

It’s no surprise that case acceptance percentage rate moves in opposition of the dollar amount of the treatment. This means the lower the dollar amount the higher the case acceptance, the higher the dollar amount the lower the case acceptance. When it comes to marketing dental implants, we must recognize that all treatment plans are going to be classified as large treatment plans and that our process to close these dental implant cases has to be airtight.

Critical Areas We Will Work on with Your Practice

  • Bundling treatment to show massive value and simplify the purchase
  • How to collect money and schedule an appointment on the initial visit
  • How to leverage creative financing to fund patients with even the worst credit
  • How to follow up properly with patients that do not schedule treatment

Higher Case Acceptance Rates Means Fewer Required Leads

A good case acceptance rate for dental implant cases direct from the public is 50% but we also have clients that close in the high 60% range. Remember that the higher your close percentage, the lower the number of leads you need to hit your goal. Moving forward, your marketing dollars go towards impressions and leads, not necessarily patients. Some clients require 100 leads to do six or seven arches per month and others require only 50 leads. The amount you need to spend on marketing is directly correlated to your ability to close efficiently.

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