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We have seen many clients mistakenly hire “Practice Consultants” in the hopes of growing their practices. Consultants are best utilized when you already have strong gross revenue and new patient flow. If your needs include creating a marketing strategy, acquiring new dental implant patients, or growing topline revenue then a firm like ours would be a much better fit. As a one-stop dental marketing and practice growth management firm and one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry, we are experienced in helping leading clinicians acquire and convert dental implant cases and establishing them as leading implant providers.

Looking for Implant Cases? We Know How to Get Them

Many prospective dental implant cases call in looking for the cheapest option. We offer trainings that teach you and your team how to guide price shoppers and educate them on the long-term benefits of investing in implants and in you. In-house financing options and a consistent, clear message is important – a long-term guarantee is even better. Build a hesitant patient’s confidence by offering a competitive offer. Instead of just a complimentary consultation, create a commitment of future maintenance appointments, teeth whitening to complete their smile and a clinical satisfaction guarantee that shows them the value of your trustworthy care.

From Patient Acquisition to Real Practice Growth

Whether you are onboarding a new hire, buying a new practice or partnering with a new associate, we are here to guide you to success. We offer numerous trainings, ADA CERP- and AGD PACE-approved CE courses, personalized boot camps, and one-on-one sessions to help your practice reach its full potential.

Get Back to Your Marketing Budget

Through best practices and proven techniques gathered over years of testing and tracking, we have identified a few key areas that typically hold our clients back from realizing an optimal return on their dental implant marketing budget.

  • Phone and lead conversion
  • Dental implant treatment planning
  • Personality communication training
  • Dental implant patient education
  • Converting price shoppers

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