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Choose the Right Strategy

When it comes to external marketing for dental implants there are so many options it can be overwhelming and confusing trying to figure out where to start! Plenty of campaigns have failed before they ever began because they chose the wrong tactic with the wrong strategy.

There are two types of external marketing:

Setting You Up For Success

Typically, we would prefer to start with directional media like your web presence because any type of creative media that we pay for in the future will undoubtedly push many people to look you up online. If your web presence is not well thought out and designed to convert, this could be a major area of inefficiency and attrition for your marketing campaign.

Effective and Efficient Dental Implant Marketing Campaign Components

  • Dominant internet presence positioning the doctor as the expert
  • Video testimonials from their patients
  • Interviews from the doctors
  • Custom photography (no stock images)
  • Educational content
  • At least one form of Search Engine Marketing
  • At least one form of creative marketing

This type of a campaign is designed to increase your implant production by a significant number.

Case Study Example

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