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Marketing Designed Specifically for Full-Arch Cases

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Increased Competition Means You Need a Refined Strategy

At $25-$30k per arch, it’s no wonder why full-arch marketing is a hot topic in today’s market. There are many practices that want to do more of these cases and are interested in marketing this service. The problem is that most have no idea how to do it. Marketing full-arch dental implants is not something you want to try and handle totally on your own or with someone that is not familiar with the process.

We have clients that consistently attract and close 20+ arches per month direct from the public and more from referrals. In order to get to this point, we must follow a blueprint for success.

There are two sides to this coin. For each, there are a few critical areas of focus that we will help you with.

Patient Acquisition

  • Strategy and messaging development
  • Tracking and analytics set up
  • Diversified marketing plan with digital and traditional medias
  • Unique call-to-action
  • Dominant website
  • Great patient video testimonials and before and after photos
Small Market Case Study

Patient Conversion

  • Plan to handle the increase in calls and convert price shoppers
  • Limited consultation process that can be done quickly to prequalify and triage
  • Treatment plan process with the implant coordinator that will build rapport and trust with the patient
  • Flexible financing options including sub prime
  • Great follow-up plan for unscheduled treatment
Large Market Case Study

Increase Your Full-Arch Production

Reach out to us and schedule your 60-minute consultation process to discuss your practice, goals, and current marketing plan. That will give us most of the information that we need to get you pointed in the right direction and get that phone ringing!

We Know Full-Arch Marketing. Are You Ready to Use it?

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