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How to Convert Price Shoppers Over the Phone

It becomes even more critical to know how to handle patients over the phone today, especially when they are not coming from referrals or direct from the public. Referred patients are well-educated and value-focused and they have been sent to you from their trusted source. Direct-to-public patients lack trust, they are priced-focused and they are either misinformed or they fear pain. When these patients call you it is important to get into rapport, build their confidence in you and your practice, and find out their main reason in calling you. In fact, we believe that price shoppers are a good thing because no one is calling a dental office without a reason. In these cases, we know there is a need and a concern the patient has when they are calling you. This is your opportunity to answer all of their questions and schedule their appointment.

Purposeful Communication is Key

Progressive Dental has worked with over 800 practices all over the country and we have seen some basic mistakes when it comes to phone calls. When patients call the office, the front desk/receptionist fails to capture their information like name and a phone number. They do not understand the importance of tonality, but need to sound enthusiastic when patients call the office. When patients ask for price and team members use words like “no” or “can’t” and do not give pricing over the phone, the call can quickly cause patients to fall out of rapport with them. We have also seen team members allow patients to dominate the conversation or ineffectively address and handle objections related to price.

When a patient calls, it is important to be the figure of authority, be sharp as a tack and sound enthusiastic. It is also important that in the first 30 seconds you have a sincere greeting, ask the name of the patient and collect their contact information. Once you have this information, then you can find out the reason for their call. Before offering any price or insurance information, this is your opportunity to build value for the practice and redirect the patients from price to a value-driven focus.

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