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Focused Research Designed Around Targeted Procedures

We target specific procedures, including dental implants and full-arch cases, while considering critical demographic factors such as location, age, and gender to acquire optimal results for each campaign we create. We understand how best to position your marketing materials to patients looking for dental implants and can also guide you on what to start with and what will give you the best ROI on your marketing budget. This is where working with an agency specializing in dentistry and promoting dental implants and full arch replacement really comes in handy!

  • TV Commercials

    TV advertising has always been effective for branding local practices and targeting high-dollar cases. Due to the complexity of TV advertising and substantial investments in time and resources required, however, expert consultation by a team experienced in marketing implant dentistry is always recommended before investing in dental TV advertising.
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  • Radio Advertisements

    Best used when advertising specialty dental procedures, radio advertisements have proven to be powerful tools for dental implant specialists, branding them as the authority. Highlighting your unique training and an expert approach to implant dentistry provides your practice with a significant competitive advantage. Before we get started, we research the demographics of your area – including average household income, household spending, age, and gender. We will then find the most effective radio stations and craft a compelling radio ad to target the dental implant procedures you want!
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Direct Mail

Cost effective, direct mail is a useful marketing tool to brand your practice while maintaining a presence in front of both potential and existing patients. Our ads are designed to inform potential patients, specifically those in need of a tooth replacement, about your targeted treatments and inspire them to take immediate action.


We create dental newspaper advertisements that halt page flippers while promoting your unique message and practice brand. A resource highly used by your target, baby-boomer demographic looking for implant solutions, newspaper advertising is a convenient way of increasing your dental implant cases. We frequently design compelling, eye-catching advertisements and complete ad campaigns for leading periodontists, oral surgeons and other implant specialists, that are used for newspapers and magazines in local as well as national markets.

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