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They Say a Picture Says 1,000 words... If that’s true, how many are said through a powerful video?

Our main objective and purpose for using customized dental videography and photography for our clients is to be able to deliver a powerful message in the shortest and most compelling manner possible. Most specialists want “quality” new patients, not patients focused solely on price. In order to do that it is critical that we utilize videography to educate the patient and give them a glimpse into what life is like as a part of your practice!

Below you will find three types of videos that we create and utilize on our clients’ websites to attract quality, dental implant cases to their practice!

All of our videographers are employees of Progressive Dental and have been extensively trained in advanced procedures, terminology, and patient psychology. This means that the planning, shooting, editing, and delivery of all assets is completed by in-house dental experts.

Sample Cultural Video

Cultural Videos

Movie producers figured out long ago that a great trailer was critical to the box office success of their film. Our Cultural Video is your “Movie Trailer” if you will. It allows people to watch a short video designed to give them a glimpse into your practice and get a feel for who you are, what your dental implant patients think about you, and the culture of the practice.

Doctor Interviews

One of our core objectives is to position the clinician as the expert in his/her market. Experts are known to give their expert opinion and show their results. We interview doctors on a variety of topics to educate patients, build rapport, showcase their advantage, and address common concerns. This allows the patient to emotionally connect with the doctor before they even call for an appointment.

Patient Testimonials

The key element to attracting “quality” new patients is to make sure that the patients are focused on the experience and the clinical outcome your specialized services will provide them. This is done through storytelling. There are certain aspects of life that are deemed priceless, and our quality of life and happiness both fall into that category. Let your patients be the ones to explain that to new prospective patients!

Sample Patient Testimonial

Custom Photography

Have you ever seen two dental sites, even those for specialists, that looked almost identical? The problem is very common and is usually because both practices are utilizing stock imaging that can be purchased for very cheap by anyone in the public. Stock images give the perception that your practice is generic. Our goal is to make sure that your website looks amazing and no other practice can ever copy your design. The website is supposed to show the public who you are. Let’s show them!

Below you will find examples of different types of shots/photos we will use on your website and other marketing tools.

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